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When you’re missing several teeth, your entire appearance can change. You may even find it harder to chew or speak. Our affordable quality dentures can help you restore your smile, allowing you to participate in your favorite activities.

What Are the Denture Procedure Steps?

The procedure for getting dentures in Camp Crossing involves multiple steps. At an initial visit to our office, one of our dentists will examine your teeth and bite. He or she may also take impressions and record measurements to be used as a template for your denture. Damaged teeth will be extracted if necessary, and you’ll be given a temporary appliance to use. Those who are receiving an implant-supported appliance will have their implants positioned before the final denture arrives. After your final denture is created and your mouth has healed, your dentist will make any adjustments necessary for a comfortable fit.

What Types of Dentures Are Available?

After carefully examining your teeth and bite, one of our dentists will determine which type of denture is right for you. Here are some of the choices for affordable quality dentures at our office:

Full and Partial Dentures

With a full denture, you can replace an entire row of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. These appliances typically consist of artificial teeth attached to a detachable frame or secure dental implants. Full dentures are made with long-lasting materials like porcelain, acrylic, and metal. Our dentists can help you find the full denture option that works for you.

If you still have multiple healthy teeth, our dentists may recommend a partial denture. Partials consist of a row of one or more teeth that attach to adjacent teeth using a clasp system. These devices should be removed each evening for cleaning.

Flexible Partials

Those who desire a discreet way to replace several teeth may benefit from a flexible partial. With a flexible partial denture, you’ll be free of rigid bases or obvious metal clasps. Instead, the denture is made with a pliable base and features gum-colored clasps. This makes the appliance virtually unnoticeable in the mouth.

Implant-Supported Denture

Traditional dentures are secured in place using an adhesive along the gum line. However, an implant-supported denture uses a different approach. Instead of using a sticky bonding agent, these appliances are attached to dental implants. Implant-supported dentures can be removable, but they can also be fixed into place for added convenience.

How Much Will Dentures Cost to Place?

Your new dentures will be completely customized to meet your needs. Because of this, the cost of treatment will vary. The variety of dentures chosen, the materials used to make your appliance, and the amount of dental work needed beforehand will determine your charges. Please give us a call for more pricing information.

What Solution Does a Denture Provide?

Dentures in Camp Crossing are fully personalized dental appliances that serve as a replacement for your natural teeth and gum tissue. A denture consists of a row of pontic teeth attached to a removable titanium frame or a set of dental implants. When you wear dentures, you can greatly improve your jaw function and chewing ability as well as your appearance.

Why Is a Soft Denture Reline Used to Fix Soreness?

If your appliance has become uncomfortable to wear, a soft reline from our dentists may be the solution. This quick and affordable treatment involves the dentist resurfacing your dentures with a flexible, comfortable material. This can help reduce sore spots in the mouth for up to two years.

How Do All-on-Four Dentures Work?

A new approach to implant denture treatment, the All-on-Four dentures procedure involves attaching a full set of teeth to four implants in the bottom jaw. The result gives the wearer strong biting ability and a secure fit. Please give us a call to find out if this innovative procedure is right for you.

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