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Trust Our Experienced Dentists for Comprehensive Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning in Peoria

Your smile is your calling card. If you are looking for a respected dental practice to help you improve your smile and oral health, we can help. Our skilled and compassionate dentists provide a full range of dental services so that you can feel confident about your smile. Call us today to schedule a comprehensive dental exam in Peoria. No matter how long it has been since your last exam or what type of dental issues you may be experiencing, our skill dentists can provide the personalized treatment that you need. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Like a tuneup is preventative maintenance for your vehicle, a dental exam is preventative maintenance for your teeth and gums. The goal is to identify potential issues before they become major problems. During your exam, our dentist will check for a variety of common oral health conditions, including:

  • cavities,
  • gum disease,
  • oral cancer,
  • bone loss, and
  • teeth grinding.

Your comfort is our number one priority, so our staff will do everything possible to make the entire process as stress-free as possible. If your dentist discovers any potential issues, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that works for your needs and budget.

We do our best to provide affordable care, especially for a dental exam in Peoria. The prices of our exams and other treatments vary from patient to patient based on the specifics of their insurance coverage and other factors. We will go over cost and payment options in more detail when you call to schedule your appointment. We do accept most insurance plans, so the majority of the cost of your treatment may be covered.

How Often Should I Have a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

We recommend twice-yearly dental cleanings for most patients. If you have evidence of gum disease, we may recommend more frequent cleanings. Every time you eat or drink, a film called plaque develops on the surface of the teeth. Daily brushing and flossing do a good job of removing most of the plaque; however, it is common for some to remain under the gumline or between the teeth. Over time, plaque hardens to where it can no longer be removed with standard brushing and flossing. The bacteria can also damage the tooth enamel, which can lead to decay, and get under the gumline to cause gum disease. The only way to prevent this is with professional dental cleanings.

Do You Offer Gum Disease Treatment?

Gum disease occurs when bacteria get under the gumline. In the early stages, it can cause your gums to become red or swollen. You may even notice increased sensitivity or that your gums tend to bleed when you brush and floss. With proper treatment, this early form of gum disease, known as gingivitis, can normally be reversed. If ignored, the bacteria can cause painful gum infections and weaken the structures that support the teeth, which can result in tooth loss. If your exam reveals evidence of gum disease, our dentists will provide the necessary treatment based on the severity of the condition.

Are There Ways to Manage Chronic Bad Breath?

We have all experienced the embarrassment of bad breath at some point in our lives. For some people, however, bad breath is more than a simple case of morning breath or the lingering aroma of onions after eating a burger. Approximately 25% of Americans suffer from extreme or chronic bad breath. While many causes of bad breath are not serious, bad breath can also be a sign of poor oral hygiene or even an infection or decay. If bad breath is affecting your personal and professional life, contact us to schedule a consultation. Our dentists can provide at-home hygiene recommendations, cleanings, and other specialized solutions to help you tame your halitosis.

Who Should Have an Oral Cancer Screening?

Although relatively easy to treat, oral cancers are often life-threatening since they tend to cause few symptoms during the initial stages. By the time you notice something is wrong, the cancer has likely spread to other parts of the body, which makes it much more difficult to treat. Since early detection provides the best chance of a successful treatment, our dentists will screen you for oral cancer during your initial exam. In fact, we recommend that everyone over the age of 18 be screened on a regular basis. The screening is noninvasive and involves a visual inspection of the inside of the mouth for any lesions, bumps, or other abnormalities.

How Can I Find Out More About your Dental Exam and Periodontal Treatment Services?

Now is the perfect time to make your oral health a priority. Call today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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