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Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
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Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
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A lot of people wait to visit a dentist until they’re in so much pain that they become frantic for emergency dental care. At this point, they aren’t familiar with dental care in their area and often ask, “Where is an emergency dental office near me?” Our emergency dentists in Peoria understand the importance of treating dental emergencies and preventing future dental damage.

Is There an Emergency Dentist Nearby?

If you’ve waited to get treatment for a dental condition, then you’re probably frantically asking, “Is there emergency dental care near me?” Don’t wait any longer to get treatment. With our emergency dentists in Peoria, you don’t have to look for urgent care.

We provide comprehensive treatment to diagnose and treat oral conditions. Our dental team also works with you to prevent the same dental emergency from happening in the future. Call us so that we can schedule you an appointment as soon as possible.

What Is Emergency Dental Treatment?

Emergency dental services are treatments that you need immediately to keep a severe toothache, tooth damage, or other condition from getting worse. You may also need urgent dental care to prevent a condition from causing permanent damage. Our emergency dentists offer a range of treatments, some of which include:

  • Emergency tooth pain management
  • Treatment for oral pain and pressure because of tooth injuries or decay
  • Emergency tooth repair for broken or fractured teeth
  • Emergency tooth extraction
  • Care for wisdom tooth pain and minor swelling
  • Repairs for broken orthodontic brackets or loose wires
  • Restoration of loose or missing dental crowns or fillings
  • Care for tooth infections

When You Need Emergency Dental Treatment

Are you unsure about whether you have a dental emergency? Sometimes it’s hard to know if you need to call an emergency dental office or go to an emergency room. Take a look at the below emergency dental care options that an emergency dentist can address.

Broken or Cracked Teeth

If you have broken or cracked teeth, it’s important that you see a dentist for treatment to avoid causing further damage to the structure of your teeth and to prevent infection. When your teeth have jagged edges because of breaks or cracks, use dental wax as a temporary fix to avoid cutting your cheek or tongue. Call us so that we can schedule an emergency appointment for you.

Displaced Teeth

If you’ve suffered trauma that knocked out some of your teeth, you’re probably in a lot of pain and afraid of what will happen next. Remain as calm as possible and gather each tooth and its fragments. Use a warm water rinse for your mouth before trying to put your teeth back into their sockets, only holding them by the crown. Contact our office for more instructions and to make an urgent appointment. Our emergency dentists are often able to reimplant displaced teeth when people get treatment soon enough.

Chronic Toothache Pressure or Pain

You shouldn’t ignore chronic toothache pressure or pain that’s accompanied by other symptoms such as fever or an earache. There could be a number of serious causes for the condition. Call our office for an evaluation of your condition and emergency tooth pain relief.

Tooth Sensitivity

You don’t usually need urgent dental care for minor tooth sensitivity. When the sensitivity becomes severe suddenly, however, you could have a fracture or an infection. Contact us so that we can address the cause of your sudden sensitivity.

Decaying Teeth and Cavities

If you have decaying teeth and cavities, you need urgent treatment. Not seeking treatment for these conditions leave the tooth roots exposed, and causes serious pain. Our emergency dentists can provide the right treatment and ease your pain.

Infected Teeth

Abscessed or infected teeth are often the result of cavities, gum disease, or trauma to the mouth. They can make your breath smell bad, neck glands swell, teeth sensitive and painful, and body temperature rise. Tooth abscesses are also known to create sores near or on the gums that drain or remain open, as well as cause swelling of the face and gums. If you put off treatment, you might need an emergency tooth extraction later due to complications.

Missing and Loose Fillings

Missing and loose fillings can cause pain in your teeth and make them more sensitive. They also leave your teeth susceptible to more decay and damage. Set up an appointment with us as soon as you notice this problem.

Damaged Crowns or Missing Restorations

Damaged crowns or missing restorations are more than cosmetic issues. They can expose your teeth to more structural damage. Visit our office for a temporary or permanent fix. Our emergency dentists can protect your teeth and beautiful smile.

Dental Pain and Injuries

Metal braces frequently cause gum and dental pain or injuries. We can relieve these issues and help you maintain your braces properly so that further injury doesn’t occur.

Worn Tooth Enamel Because of Bruxism

You might suffer structural damage from worn tooth enamel because of bruxism. For urgent conditions, our emergency dentists can strengthen the enamel and protect your teeth from grinding with night guards.

Tooth Pain with Sinus Pressure

When you have tooth pain and sinus pressure simultaneously, there could be an underlying dental cause. Make an appointment to rule out impacted wisdom teeth, infections, and other dental conditions.

How to Deal with More Serious Issues

Despite the information above, you may still be asking, “Should I locate emergency dental care near me?” There are a few dental conditions that require immediate medical attention rather than emergency dental care. Waiting to visit emergency dentists during routine business hours for these conditions could have serious consequences:

  • Bleeding in large amounts
  • Unexpected head, face, jaw or teeth injuries
  • Severe gum or facial swelling

How Much Does Emergency Dental Treatment Cost?

The bill for the emergency dental services that you receive will vary depending on the types and how many treatments you require. The cost will also depend on where you get treatment. For instance, a hospital will charge more for oral surgery than an emergency dental office will charge for conservative treatment.

You might be worried about covering the bill for emergency dental care without insurance. We have numerous financial options and accept major credit cards. Talk to our staff to learn more.

How do I locate an emergency dental office near me on a weekend or late at night?

The facility where you seek treatment will depend on how severity of your symptoms and condition. Dial 911 or visit your nearest emergency room if you have a life-threatening condition during the night or on a weekend. Contact us during regular business hours if your symptoms and condition aren’t life-threatening.

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Dr. Ruffner and his assistant today were very understanding and made the visit and repair work as pleasant as could be. I got in right away the same day I called.
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Friendly staff and great service!
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Makes me feel like I’m family…service goes beyond than just dental care.
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I always receive wonderful care at Maple Shade Dental Group. Karen is a fantastic hygienist and Drs. Shanahan and Ruffner are both excellent dentists.
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Always excellent service from the entire staff!
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Very friendly staff!
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People are so kind.
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Great patient care from the time I stepped off the elevator to the time I left
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We always receive friendly professional and efficient service!
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Dr. Ruffner and his assistant are both great,
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Great service from the staff, dental assistant and dentist!!!
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Wendy is a very good dental hygienist
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Everyone is very pleasant, and caring.
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My appointment was right on time. My hygienist, Karen, is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable
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