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Tooth Crowns and Bridges in Peoria, IL

Missing or damaged teeth can affect your health and self-confidence. Fortunately, tooth crowns and bridges in Peoria are an effective treatment for those suffering from these issues. At our practice, we create durable and affordable tooth crowns and bridge devices that can help you restore your smile.

Why Do Patients Need Tooth Crowns and Bridges?

A tooth crown essentially is a cover for a decayed or cracked tooth. Crowns protect the tooth from further damage. A tooth bridge typically is used when the patient is missing one or more teeth. These devices are created by using artificial teeth that are supported by tooth crowns. For more information about our tooth crown and bridge solutions, contact our office.

Who Provides a Tooth Crown or Bridge for Teeth?

Only a qualified dentist or prosthodontist can properly fit crowns and bridges. Our dental practice specializes in tooth crowns and bridges in Peoria. No matter what your age, it’s never too late to achieve a winning smile. If you’re suffering from missing or injured teeth, contact our office to book an appointment.

What Does the Typical Dental Bridge Cost?

Like most dental procedures, the cost will be determined by the severity of your case. The more teeth are missing, the higher the procedure cost will be. If you have a dental insurance plan, check with your provider to see if it offers coverage for the bridge procedure. We also provide financing plans, which split the cost of treatment among easy monthly payments.

What Does the Typical Tooth Crown Cost?

Tooth crowns vary in cost depending on the complexity of your dental issues, your insurance coverage, and how many are required. If your dental plan does not cover the tooth crown procedure, ask about our payment plans. These financing solutions can make the dental crown cost treatment affordable.

Traditional Types of Tooth Crowns

Several different materials are used to create a tooth crown. If you require a front tooth crown, your dentist may recommend using a ceramic crown. These crowns are the closest color match to natural teeth. Other durable options include porcelain crowns and gold crown tooth devices. Together with your dentist, you’ll find the type of tooth crown that works for you.

Traditional Types of Dental Bridges

The most common fixed dental bridge is the traditional bridge, which is comprised of pontic teeth and supportive crowns on each side. If there are teeth on only one side of the affected area, a cantilever bridge may be recommended. For front teeth, a Maryland tooth bridge is often recommended. This bridge features a supportive metal framework.

How Does a Dental Crown Procedure Work?

Crowns for teeth are placed within two dental appointments. During the first consultation, your dentist files or fills in the tooth to accommodate the new tooth crown. The dentist uses a custom-made mold to create a properly-fitting tooth crown. A temporary crown is provided until your final crown is available. Your dentist will place the tooth crown during the second appointment.

How Does a Dental Bridge Procedure Work?

During a bridge procedure, local anesthesia is applied so the dentist can make necessary adjustments to your teeth. A precise mold is created that serves as the blueprint for your bridge. You’ll wear a temporary dental bridge until the permanent bridge is created. At a second appointment, the final bridge is placed into your mouth.

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Always have a good experience
Kristen C.
Quick, effective appointments. Good prices and payment options. Great staff. Awesome service and results.
Nichole D.
What a GREAT dental office!! The staff & doctors are wonderful & caring professionals. Every time I go there it feels like visiting family. If you are looking for a dental office that cares […]
Deborah P.
Friendly staff and great service!
Debbie M.
I absolutely hate dentists after being traumatized as a kid. Got a wisdom tooth and a broken tooth extracted here today and Dr Juluri was so gentle. When he said he was done I had to check cause he […]
Sam H.
Everyone is really great and helpful. Plus all is very nice.
Michaele T.
The overall experience was good. I enjoyed my time at Maple Shade Dental.
Pia I.
Doctor Ruffner is amazing! He really cares about his patients and about the work he does. He knows I have terrible anxiety but he still wipes the tears away when I’m having a hard time. I […]
Sara L.
Wendy was absolutely wonderful. 5 star!!! Whatever you are paying her is not enough.
Matthew N.
All staff has been pleasant to deal with.
Tracy S.
Everyone is polite and does a good job
Becky M.
My appointment was right on time. My hygienist, Karen, is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable
Debra L.
Wendy was a great dental hygienist, and the overall staff is really nice!
Bruna T.
Dr. Rufner is EXCELLENT!! Indeed, all of the staff that i encountered were so friendly and helpful.
Theodore S.
The Staff at Maple Shade provide excellent customer service. They make the dental experience truly feel like you’received at a picnic with friends and family.
Zhetta T.
Makes me feel like I’m family…service goes beyond than just dental care.
Cuong L.
Quick appointment and flexibility with being a bit late due to train and traffic. Doctor Ruffner has a good chair side manner.
Janet P.
Very friendly staff!
Rachel B.
People and the skill of delivered treatment. I depend on Dr Ruffner for a solid plan and perfect blend of skill and personality.
Kenneth P.
I am very happy with all aspects of my visits there…..from the first person I speak to when I arrive to the last one I am in contact with when I leave….except for the fact that I have to […]
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