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Guide to Women’s Health

Women have a number of potential health issues and concerns that are unique compared to those of men. A woman’s reproductive system often remains active throughout a large percentage of her life, necessitating care to ensure ongoing health. During childbearing years, women may go through one or more pregnancies. As age advances, women have other matters to consider, such as menopause. Whatever a woman’s age, she will have specific health issues that warrant attention.

General Health

Men and women may share some concerns when it comes to general health, including eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding illness. With the inherent differences between the sexes, however, men and women also have individual issues that contribute to their overall medical and dental health. A general practitioner can provide health care for patients of both genders and of all ages. When a woman needs specialized care, she may need to see a provider such as an obstetrician or a gynecologist.

Screening and Vaccines

Health screenings can help physicians detect and diagnose potential health issues before they become serious. For example, blood pressure screenings can catch high blood pressure before it worsens. Vaccines such as the HPV vaccine are suggested to prevent the spread of infection; this virus in particular can cause cancer. Professionals have set up a schedule of screenings and vaccines to help patients follow their recommendations.

Nutrition and Fitness

Maintaining a healthy body weight is one part of overall health. Women can achieve this goal by eating a healthy diet that includes foods from all of the food groups. Regular exercise is another important component of good health. Experts suggest that all adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise each week.

Medical Conditions

Women have an elevated risk for a number of medical conditions. Heart disease is an example of a medical condition that many women face. Women must also pay attention to unexplained symptoms that can occur that may be connected with breast, ovarian, or uterine cancer. Painless lumps in a breast and irregular bleeding are two examples of potentially serious symptoms.


Gynecology is the area of medicine that provides care for a woman’s reproductive health. This includes issues associated with sexual activities, menstruation, menopause, and other conditions such as vaginitis or yeast infections. Pregnancy and childbearing usually involve the care of an obstetrician, a physician who specializes in prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care. A gynecologist can care for women of all ages, from puberty to advanced age.

  • Why See a Gynecologist? A gynecologist is a special doctor that cares for women and their reproductive health.
  • Menstrual Periods: After reaching physical maturity, a woman will begin having periods in a monthly cycle. This cycle involves the release of an egg, which would result in a pregnancy if fertilization occurs.
  • What Is an Annual Exam? Women visit a health care provider once a year for an annual exam. The exam will include a breast exam and a pelvic exam, which may also include a Pap smear.
  • What Is Vaginitis? Women may experience inflammation or infection of the vagina, called vaginitis. A number of causes of vaginitis exist, including yeast, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Menstrual Disorders: Painful menses and abnormal uterine bleeding are two of the most common menstrual disorders affecting women.
  • Gynecological Exam Basics: The gynecological exam includes a general physical as well as a pelvic exam to assess the internal reproductive system.

Emotional Health

A woman’s emotional health encompasses psychological and emotional well-being. These areas of a woman’s life usually overlap with the process of dealing with events and situations as they arise. For example, pregnancy and childbirth involve not only physical experiences and events but also emotional ones. Hormones and feelings are intricately intertwined with the process of being pregnant and having a baby. Women may maintain emotional well-being by paying attention to feelings, expressing both negative and positive feelings effectively, and connecting with others in a meaningful way.

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