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Laser Dentistry in Camp Crossing, IL

Laser dentistry offers advanced comfort and improved results for patients. These advanced treatment options use the power of pure light to remove decay, reshape gum tissue and clean teeth effectively. We offer cutting-edge laser dentistry in Camp Crossing for a wide range of issues affecting the health and well-being of our patients. Our laser dentists can provide you with the best solutions for all your oral health needs.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

As its name suggests, laser dentistry involves the use of focused beams of light to perform various necessary tasks, which include the following:

• Removing decayed portions of otherwise healthy teeth
• Reshaping gums during root canals and other oral surgery procedures
• Removing diseased gum tissue to improve oral health
• Treating infections
• Performing biopsies

The dental laser is designed to provide greater precision when pinpointing trouble areas and resolving them quickly.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is one of the most common dental issues facing adults in the U.S. Also referred to as periodontal disease, this condition is caused by an infection that spreads through the gums and underlying tissue of the mouth and jaw. Left untreated, gum disease can cause bleeding or tender gums, receding gum lines, loose teeth, and bad breath. Laser gum surgery can reduce the degree of the infection and limit the damage caused by severe periodontal disease. In some cases, laser periodontal therapy can be employed to reshape the gums and to remove the infected tissue, allowing patients to enjoy greater comfort and health

Dental Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are also used to perform minor procedures in the dental office:

  • Laser frenectomy surgeries can loosen the muscles that hold the tongue in place to allow greater freedom of movement and easier speech for many patients.
  • Benign tumors can also be removed easily and relatively painlessly with the help of a dental laser.
  • Inflammation and swelling of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be treated with laser applications.

By choosing our facility, you can enjoy the most advanced dental laser treatment for all your general dentistry needs.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser treatments can speed the tooth whitening process and provide added sparkle for your smile. These procedures use low-intensity dental lasers to boost the effectiveness of bleaches and other chemical compounds used to whiten teeth. The added power of laser treatments can help you achieve the brightest, most beautiful smile quickly and conveniently.

Laser Gum Surgery

Laser procedures are also used to treat issues with the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Crown lengthening treatments are used to reshape the gums and provide more secure attachments for dental appliances. Excess tissue can be removed painlessly and with ease using modern laser techniques. In some cases, no anesthesia is required to complete these procedures.

Laser Teeth Cleaning

Laser treatments have also been used to clean teeth and provide added support for dental hygiene procedures in modern dental offices. Laser teeth cleaning services can ensure that all plaque and tartar are removed from tooth enamel to produce the brightest and most beautiful smile possible.

Laser Fillings

Dental lasers can help to remove decay and damaged tissue without the need for drills and other loud and uncomfortable measures. This can allow greater peace of mind for dental patients during laser dentistry procedures. Specialized lasers can even be used to cure fillings for faster recovery and improved longevity for these dental appliances.

Laser Cavity Removal

Because treatment with dental lasers is largely painless, these procedures can often eliminate the pain and stress associated with other forms of tissue and tooth decay removal. This can offer real benefits for patients afraid of drills and other dental equipment.

Laser procedures offer real advantages in terms of comfort and results for our patients. By opting for these advanced dental solutions, you can enjoy the greatest degree of confidence when dealing with minor and major issues affecting your teeth and gums. Contact our office today to set up your appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable dental experts. We look forward to the chance to work with you.

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Patient Reviews
everyone in the office is awesome! they treat you like family and explain all procedures completely before starting. they are flexible in the scheduling.
Tracy W.
A very nice and professional staff.
Michael G.
I came because my husband goes to Maple Shade and everyone is always pleasant and professional.
Tifani E.
The staff is very friendly, patient , and I wouldn’t change my dentist for anything! I look forward to getting my teeth cleaned !
The hygienist is awesome!!!
Michael W.
The people!!! Dr. Susan, Julie, Jamie and Jen rock!
Jamie H.
The staff is very friendly, patient , and I wouldn’t change my dentist for anything! I look forward to getting my teeth cleaned !
I’ve always been greeted by a friendly face and the whole staff is not only professional, but very friendly too!
Asher K.
The receptionist was awesome and very accommodating to find me an earlier appointment. The dentist and staff were friendly and informative.
Carol S.
Jennifer and Julie are just wonderful. So professional and friendly.
Kevin T.
Friendly people, great service provided and I always leave with a smile!
Dana B.
Dental hygienist was personable and professional. Clean office great clerical staff
Catherine P.
Staff is so helpful and they genuinely care
Kelcie F.
The hygienist was very professional and pleasant to talk to. AND the cleaning was very quick.
Shannon P.
It was a completely awesome visit from the front desk to getting my tooth pulled. I love this office! Going to the dentist isn’t scary at all here!
Jamie H.
Jennifer! and reception staff! Always a great and warm experience. Services are done in a timely and professional manner, office is clean and well-maintained.
Lori B.
Friendly staff. Didn’t give me the run-around or recommend things that I really didn’t need. Actually listened to what I had to say
Faith H.
Very nice and willing to get you in as soon as they can. The whole staff is just super friendly.
Kelcey M.
Everyone is awesome and very efficient.
Tia V.
Jen helped our daughter relax and have a fun time while getting her cleaning. She even praised her for taking better care of her teeth this time. I believe this helps my daughter’s confidence.
Audrey H.
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