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Facts About Oral Cancer

Oral cancer awareness is extremely important. About 54,000 Americans are diagnosed with it every year. After five years, only 57% of them will still be alive. Early detection saves lives, as the survival rate is higher in people who are diagnosed when the cancer is in its earliest stages. Dentists routinely screen for it during exams and dental hygienists also…

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October Is National Dental Hygiene Month

October starts the end-of-the-year celebrations, and almost everyone’s thoughts turn to candy, cookies, and other holiday treats and sweets, as well as cider and hot chocolate. If you’re a dentist, however, your thoughts are probably on the effects all these treats have on your patients’ teeth. October is also the start of National Dental Hygiene Month. At our Peoria office,…

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Gum Care Awareness

 How Important Is Gum Health?  September is Gum Care Awareness month, although few people know about it. Even though it’s not widely celebrated like some other awareness month diseases, good gum health is integral to good physical health. Therefore, the importance of healthy gums to a healthy body can’t be overstated. Poor gum health is the leading cause of tooth…

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Emergency Dentistry FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding emergency dentistry. What Kinds of Dental Problems Are Considered Emergencies? Types of dental emergencies range from injuries causing a tooth to become loose or knocked out to damage caused by an infection. Therefore, if you ever experience an injury or trauma to your mouth that causes damage…

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Basic Dental Care in Peoria

A long, healthy life begins with good dental care. Although most people don’t consider their oral health vital to their physical health, research has shown that the two are inextricably linked. Those who have good oral health have a lower rate of serious disease. In contrast, those who have poor oral health have a higher incidence of serious diseases such…

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Uncover the Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are notorious for their pain and discomfort, and they’re probably the most dreaded of all dental procedures. But is their notoriety deserved, or is it simply the stuff of legend? A root canal was first performed in 1766, and at the time, the reputation was probably deserved considering the lack of anesthesia, dental tools, and expertise that existed…

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What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

If your dentist has recommended the removal of one or more of your permanent teeth, you may have many questions: Why does my tooth need to be removed? Will I still feel pain after the tooth is gone? What should I tell the dentist before my procedure? How will the extraction be performed? What kind of sedation or pain relief…

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Understanding Sensitive Teeth

Feeling a sharp, stinging sensation when consuming things that are sour, sweet, hot, or cold can be indicative of sensitive teeth and gums. Fortunately, this is a common issue that is simple to treat. While this issue is a treatable one, it is also one that can cause you a great deal of pain. Routine activities like brushing, flossing and…

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Cavity Prevention Advice for Everyone

It’s sometimes tempting to skip your brushing and flossing routine when it’s late at night, and you’re exhausted, or you’re out of time in the morning. However, of all the tasks you could skimp on or skip, your oral hygiene regimen shouldn’t even be on the list. Many serious diseases such as dementia, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and even premature…

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Reasons and Remedies for Tooth Discoloration

If you no longer smile much because your teeth are discolored or stained, then your self-confidence may be suffering. However, discolored teeth can be a thing of the past with a few simple techniques and lifestyle adjustments. Why Have My Teeth Become Discolored? Tooth enamel becomes discolored for several reasons. Some reasons can be controlled and some can’t. Your diet…

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