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Zoom!® Teeth Whitening in East Peoria, IL

Normal aging, smoking, and dietary habits can all lead to darkening and discoloration of your teeth, but the Zoom!® professional whitening system can give you a great new reason to smile.

How Can Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Help?

You may have heard of Zoom!® from television makeover shows or ads. This popular system combines the power of hydrogen peroxide with an intense light treatment to remove stains from both enamel and dentin. Zoom!® can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in just one dental visit. Our practice uses Zoom!® to make whitening teeth in East Peoria convenient and affordable. Contact us today to learn more.

Cost of Chairside Teeth Whitening

Whitening teeth doesn’t have to be expensive. Although your insurance won’t cover cosmetic procedures, Zoom!® teeth whitening cost can easily fit into most budgets. An investment into your smile is priceless. Call us today to discuss our Zoom!® teeth whitening cost and payment options.

How Professional Teeth Whitening Gel Works

The process of whitening teeth requires bleaching agents. Hydrogen peroxide and other types of dental bleaches allow oxygen to penetrate the tooth surface. Once it does, it bleaches away stains and leaves your teeth a brilliant white. The Zoom!® teeth whitening system uses a potent hydrogen peroxide gel. When applied by your teeth whitening dentist and enhanced by the Zoom!® lamp, it can erase stains that you’ve had for decades.

White Light Teeth Whitening: A Powerful Enhancer

In addition to bleaching gel, a Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment includes the use of the powerful Zoom!® Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. The light emitted by the lamp helps the gel penetrate your teeth more easily and remove stubborn stains. Studies have shown that the lamp can increase teeth whitening results by 33 percent or even more. While your teeth are being treated with the teeth whitening light, you’ll receive special eyewear to reduce your exposure to UV rays.

Understanding Your Teeth Whitening Options

Your dentist can provide both in-office teeth whitening services and professional-grade take-home teeth whitening kits. While over-the-counter whitening systems may give you mediocre results, they don’t provide the dramatic whitening power of professional whitening. When your dentist manages your tooth whitening needs, you’ll enjoy predictable, consistent results and expertise that prevents unexpected outcomes or complications. To get started on your path to a stunning, white smile, contact us today.

Your Zoom!® Dental Whitening Procedure

The Zoom!® teeth whitening process is easy and fast. Before the procedure starts, your teeth will be carefully examined and cleaned. To prevent irritation, your lips and gums will be protected during the application of the bleaching gel. Each of the three applications of gel will be left in place and exposed to the Zoom!® lamp for 15 minutes. Once treatment is complete, a special treatment to reduce tooth sensitivity will be applied to your teeth.

Your path to a great new smile can start with us. To explore the benefits of whitening teeth in East Peoria, contact us today.

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Very quick, friendly, wonderful service.
Ryan D.
I had a great teeth cleaning, the staff was very friendly and skilled!
Jeremy S.
good, professional service
Richard C.
Overall happy with the treatment and comfort experienced with each visit.
Mike S.
Linda is a great hygienist!
Sandra B.
My family loves Maple Shade Dental! Dr Shanahan is an Amazing dentist!!
Trista A.
I took my elderly mother to Maple Shade EP for her 1st visit this past week. Dr Shanahan tightened the wires that hold her partial in place, gave his recommendations, and had her fixed up in no time. […]
I had my teeth cleaned there the staff or very polite and then their job very accurately. That’s what keep me going back
Matthew T.
Dr. Shanahan’ work is top notch and his manner is very kind and considerate. I think Stephanie was the dental assistant’s name and she was fantastic. She kept me apprised of what was happening […]
Bonnie I.
Every person who works there is friendly and goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable, especially Dr Shanahan.
Denise D.
Such a nice an friendly atmosphere.
Carrie M.
Everyone i came into contact with was extremely nice and courteous.
Heidi B.
The office staff, especially Candy and Julie, are wonderful. They greet me and treat me like I am part of the Maple Shade family. Dr. Shanahan is wonderful as well. Also, the office is clean and is […]
John K.
Solid place with great customer service. Fun staff and great Doctors.
John W.
the staff are very enjoyable to be around. they take good care of you and provide such a nice environment to be in.
Gabrielle H.
Everyone was very friendly and extremely helpful
Raelene F.
Loved the quality of service and the kindness in the staff.
Sade B.
I’m always treated with friendly care. Everyone is so pleasent . The rates are great for my budget.
Mildred J.
Dental hygienist was one of the best that has ever cleaned my teeth.
Richard K.
The staff, including Dr. Shanahan, were wonderful to work with. They always greet me with a warm smile and are willing to go that extra mile to make sure my experience is a positive one.
John K.
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